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Description Example Category
Possible agreement error: numeral + singular countable noun I have five book. Grammar
Incorrect possessive form after a number At the time, Guider was working just two day's drive from Narooma, in a Canberra suburb. Grammar
Spurious apostrophe in plural forms I have 5 CD's. Possible Typo
give/any/of advise (advice) Any advise is welcome! Commonly Confused Words
analysis if (of) An Analysis if Rock Music Possible Typo
work (for) is The company that I work is Cosme Inc... Collocations
Collocation: a diversity of colours OR diverse colours The diversity nature of this work is appealing to many. Collocations
DT VBZ they're (their) NN And if another is they're boyfriend, I will be angry. Possible Typo
a bail out (bailout) The bail out was too expensive. Possible Typo
article + possessive form The my car is in the garage. Collocations
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