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Description Example Category
pee-configured (pre-configured) The tool came pee-configured. Possible Typo
Excited for (about) I'm so excited for your new project. Grammar
Node JS (Node.js) We use NodeJS for our website. Compounding
'Needs fixed' type construction My car needs fixed. Style
Missing hyphen in 'billion dollar' That's a billion dollar idea! Compounding
mother-in-low (mother-in-law) This is her mother in low. Commonly Confused Words
mother-in-low (mother-in-law) This is her mother-in-low. Commonly Confused Words
missing hyphen in 'low cost' I will be flying with a low cost airline to save some money. Grammar
warm up (warm-up) The kick offs for the project start at 8am. Compounding
less/more ... then (than) It's less controversial then one would think. Commonly Confused Words
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