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Description Example Category
Comparison with 'as' This house is as big than mine. Grammar
as a matter of fact (in fact, actually, omit) As a matter of fact, dry-bulb temperature indicates the amount of heat in the air. Plain English
as follow (follows) The main points are as follow: Possible Typo
'as follow' (as follows) We can elaborate this distinction as follow. Possible Typo
'many/few' + uncountable noun, e.g. 'many (much) food' John eats as many food as Peter. Grammar
as of yet (yet) The report remains unfinished as of yet. Redundant Phrases
as oppose to (as opposed to) Professional sports, as oppose to amateur sports , are sport s in which athletes receive payment for their performance Possible Typo
as per (as, in accordance with) As per usual, he came late to work. Plain English
as time progressed (passed) As time progressed, the sisters got wiser. Possible Typo
the question whether (whether) etc. As to whether it is difficult, we are not concern. Redundant Phrases
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