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Description Example Category
anti- These threats are outlined in the framework of the Commission anti-cyber crime policy. Misused terms in EU publications (Gardner)
anus (angus) Anus beef, lettuce, tomatoes,... Commonly Confused Words
Collocation: anxious of/about They are anxious of his health. Collocations
any where (anywhere) Put your stuff down any where. Possible Typo
any body (anybody) Does any one need help here? Possible Typo
expertises The authority had obtained an expertise on the question… Misused terms in EU publications (Gardner)
affect vs effect The laws had an immediate affect. Commonly Confused Words
an every day (everyday) You shouldn’t wear an every day outfit to the wedding. Possible Typo
apart form (apart from) Christianity was set apart form other religions. Possible Typo
chance (change) a setting The climate chance must be stopped. Commonly Confused Words
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