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Description Example Category
Missing hyphen in 'billion dollar' That's a billion dollar idea! Compounding
'Needs fixed' type construction My car needs fixed. Style
Excited for (about) I'm so excited for your new project. Grammar
pee-configured (pre-configured) The tool came pee-configured. Possible Typo
writed (wrote) He writed a book. Grammar
alter (altar) Forty-seven percent of executives said they were concerned that retiring Boomers will significantly altar the workforce in the next decade. Commonly Confused Words
Possessive apostrophe error I think this goes against someones principles. Possible Typo
Possessive apostrophe error He's eating someone's or somethings lunch. Possible Typo
likely hood (likelihood) There are many people whose lively hoods depend on the rain forest. Grammar
thank full (thankful) Hope fully it works. Grammar
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