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Description Example Category
I vs is Why i my car gone? Commonly Confused Words
windows-based (Windows-based) I'm trying to use a windows-based software on my Mac. Grammar
hyphen in 'man made' A man made island. Grammar
Mathematics: +- - ± m = 75,5 +- 0,1 g Typography
inconsistent case in contraction (e.g. I'Ve) Maybe I'Ve seen this before. Possible Typo
Non-standard contractions '(I've a...)' I've a new car. Nonstandard Phrases
ve didn't The person who've didn't do the work was sacked. Grammar
comma between independent clauses My friends are in Washington but I am in Seattle. Punctuation
comma between independent clauses I need to borrow some money so I can buy some medicine for Tom. Punctuation
comma between independent clauses I'm sorry but Google isn't supported yet. Punctuation
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