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Description Example Category
Possible agreement error: 'a + collective noun + of' + singular countable noun The library has a collection of book. Grammar
Respectful against/toward Respectful against. Collocations
Collocation: guard from/against The dog guards from the thieves. Collocations
Childish language Put a ticky on it. Style
$500 (dollars) She bought it for $55 dollars. Redundant Phrases
12,5% → 12.5% The price rose by $12,50 Typography
5-farads/5-farad Use a 6-microfarads capacitor. Nonstandard Phrases
Agreement error: past participle without 'have' You could been from Russia. Grammar
arn't → aren't They arn't coming. Grammar
Capitalization of words derived from proper nouns During the decline of the Ottoman Empire, these areas began to balkanize. Typography
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