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Description Example Category
web site (website) The web sight was down. Grammar
Recommended compounds (smartphone, website, …) He published a new blog post on his web site. Style
web site (website) The web toon was nice to watch. Grammar
WeChat We are using Wechat to communicate. Upper/Lowercase
wed (we'd) Wed gone so far. Possible Typo
week end (weekend) We went golfing on the week end. Grammar
week-end (weekend) Let's meet on the week-end to play some tennis. Style
missing hyphen in 'year over year' This 40% week over week increase was caused by our ad campaign. Compounding
well suiting, well suitable → well suited I found it to be well qualifying my needs. Possible Typo
well suiting, well suitable → well suited This makes applets well qualifiable for demonstration. Possible Typo
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