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Rule "adjective vs. adverb"

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Description: adjective vs. adverb
Message: The word "\2" is an adjective and doesn't fit in this context. Did you mean the adverb \2?
Category: Commonly Confused Words (ID: CONFUSED_WORDS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • It possible has something to do with his new car.
    Correction suggestion: possibly
  • You simple need the white neutral from the source box.
    Correction suggestion: simply
  • Our 50 character limit is a bit arbitrary — we simple chose to put a limit on our password character allowance.
    Correction suggestion: simply
  • We probable should tell him that we don't have anymore unless New Albany is enough.
    Correction suggestion: probably
  • What did I possible miss to cause this?
    Correction suggestion: possibly
  • Could it possible taste like milk?
    Correction suggestion: possibly
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • You don’t balance your game only when something impossible is introduced.
  • Is it possible going there without wearing a jacket?
  • Finally, are we comfortable transacting with the entity that has no assets, but rather is simply backed by a guaranty.
  • You horrible man!
  • The biggest issue is its tendency to succumb to unintentional double-clicking.
  • They keep they financial aid.
  • Why aren't we normal like everyone else?
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