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Rule "'admit', 'appreciate', 'avoid', 'enjoy' etc. with a base form of a verb"

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Description: 'admit', 'appreciate', 'avoid', 'enjoy' etc. with a base form of a verb
Message: The verb '\1' is used with the gerund form.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • I enjoy to run.
    Correction suggestion: enjoy running
  • My teachers recommended to gain a better understanding of statistics.
    Correction suggestion: recommended gaining
  • Would you recommend to gain a better understanding of statistics?
    Correction suggestion: recommend gaining
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • I enjoy running.
  • Before we proceed, I recommend to please take a full backup of your database.
  • A three-man committee has recommended to Commission Chairman Charles O. Emmerich...
  • Although Peter also seems happy on the surface, he admits to Ken that he isn't sure they are ready.
  • Which scientific literature would you recommend to gain a better understanding of the subject matter?
  • ... where child labor is a common practice to obtain the product.
  • I have a great mind to do that myself.
  • I have a good mind to visit the Silk Road.
  • The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
  • I have a good mind to visit the Silk Road.
  • Bettis sat out Wednesday's practice to allow a minor knee injury to heal.
  • The official expressed concern over the Union Government's delay to nominate a representative for the negotiation process.
  • However, it was still a common practice to have single sponsor shows, such as The United States Steel Hour.
  • ... there are employees with feelings and a good mind to think things through and feel you are justified in accepting...
  • ... sitting on their hands, using the time delay to protect existing positions, while whipping up State regulators' fears of jurisdictional shift.
  • ... and it became a common practice to construct prestige buildings from the new industrial bricks.
  • Rick, I suggested to Bill that he come in early/mid October.
  • It is strongly suggested to revise your code.
  • Their use is strongly recommended to reduce risk of keys accidentally leaking from, e.g., backups or decommissioned disk drives.
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