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Rule "Agreement: 'a' + plural word"

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Description: Agreement: 'a' + plural word
Message: The plural noun "\5" cannot be used with the article "\3". Did you mean \3 \4 \5?
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • The cat is an animals.
    Correction suggestion: an animal
  • That’s a common phenomena.
    Correction suggestion: a common phenomenon
  • That is a criteria used by Synthetics.
    Correction suggestion: a criterion
  • A google search may help, I’m sure this is not a new issues.
    Correction suggestion: a new issue
  • It’s a good suggestions though.
    Correction suggestion: a good suggestion
  • She is physically a pretty women!
    Correction suggestion: a pretty woman
  • It’s a civil rights for the soul of humanity.
    Correction suggestion: a civil right
  • According to Jonas, alienation is a distinguishing characteristics of Gnosticism.
    Correction suggestion: a distinguishing characteristic
  • I guess it’s a questions of thresholds the different repositories create.
    Correction suggestion: a question
  • Attached is a spreadsheets with duty rates for select countries.
    Correction suggestion: a spreadsheet
  • The Syria resolution was a major milestones for the United Nations.
    Correction suggestion: a major milestone
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • The diamond is a precious stone.
  • It's only a few dollars.
  • I’m a Works with Nest developer.
  • It’s got a long ways to being a mainstream product.
  • That’s probably a ways off.
  • I don’t really know how a traditional rails app works.
  • Quite right, the console patch is certainly a ways off.
  • Their is a stats metric every 15m that is published and it contains a value which is a total value.
  • I’m not an integrations expert - so I’ll go ahead and make this direct message public for now.
  • There is a permissions API you can use to check those permissions.
  • With the release of 7.6.0, there is a new Priorities API.
  • There was an experimental jails implementation.
  • It is a Pearls Before Swine comic.
  • It's a ten minutes walk to the bus stop.
  • I am pretty new to this but I was able to connect an existing alarms hardwired contact.
  • Accordingly, Japan's Self-Defense Forces is an unusual military that has never fired shots outside Japan.
  • Formerly, there was an additional score that was lesser to yuko.
  • I’m not a big comics nerd, so can’t say how true to source it is.
  • His life is a rags to riches story.
  • It's essentially an Irish Hooters.
  • There is a Variables.plist file Inside KM.
  • The CN Tower is a concrete communications and observation tower located in Downtown Toronto.
  • If there is a logs folder they should contain some messages to you help determine what is wrong.
  • ... the beak is large, curving a little downwards; their legs are long...
  • Lucas is a clever clogs.
  • ... and which was a displaced persons (DP) camp in what used to be a sanatorium.
  • IShip is a service shippers can use to compare costs among Federal Express, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.
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Version: 6.1-SNAPSHOT (2023-01-26 21:33:02 +0000)