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Rule "Agreement: 'a' + plural word"

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Description: Agreement: 'a' + plural word
Message: The plural noun "\3" cannot be used with the article "\1". Did you mean \1 \2 \3 or \2 \3?
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • The cat is an animals.
    Correction suggestion: an animal, animals
  • I appreciate your efforts to reach an agreements on the contents of the paper.
    Correction suggestion: an agreement, agreements
  • Adding more plates not only makes it heavier but also increases the circumference, giving a different stimuli.
    Correction suggestion: a different stimulus, different stimuli
  • For an examples, see Python agent attribute examples.
    Correction suggestion: an example, examples
  • This is causing a lots of issues.
    Correction suggestion: a lot, lots
  • Tom is too young to have a grandchildren.
    Correction suggestion: a grandchild, grandchildren
  • I needed to use a text line as a criteria to select users for a list.
    Correction suggestion: a criterion, criteria
  • A memory occurs when a stimuli is too complex that the nervous system...
    Correction suggestion: a stimulus, stimuli
  • I'm doing sport 3 days a weeks.
    Correction suggestion: a week, weeks
  • They class an cars according to a special classification criteria.
    Correction suggestion: an car, cars
  • The average figure of a Korean women in her twenties
    Correction suggestion: a Korean woman, Korean women
  • The cat is playing with a live mice.
    Correction suggestion: a live mouse, live mice
  • A sausages
    Correction suggestion: A sausage, Sausages
  • You’re a gentlemen and a nice guy.
    Correction suggestion: a gentleman, gentlemen
  • If a multiple users experience the same crash you’ll see this counted in the API.
    Correction suggestion: a multiple user, multiple users
  • Same with 4 of a kinds.
    Correction suggestion: a kind, kinds
  • Just a days later, it happened again.
    Correction suggestion: a day, days
  • In Section 1.1, there should be a parentheses after etc.
    Correction suggestion: a parenthesis, parentheses
  • I have a questions about the 80% of "First of the Month Nomination".
    Correction suggestion: a question, questions
  • I still have a several options.
    Correction suggestion: a several option, several options
  • A motivated 20-year-olds helped me clean the garden.
    Correction suggestion: A motivated 20-year-old, Motivated 20-year-olds
  • Sami worked for an international companies.
    Correction suggestion: an international company, international companies
  • The street is like a tunnel of a paper flowers.
    Correction suggestion: a paper flower, paper flowers
  • Tom is one of my really a good friends.
    Correction suggestion: a good friend, good friends
  • So in a simple words, the factor of loadings (say, 60x3) are a simplier way for us to remember the historical correlation matrix (say, 60x60).
    Correction suggestion: a simple word, simple words
  • A comprehensive studies of civil war was carried out by a team from the World Bank in the early 21st century.
    Correction suggestion: A comprehensive study, Comprehensive studies
  • I may or may not have a subsequent issues later.
    Correction suggestion: a subsequent issue, subsequent issues
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • A fish lives in the sea.
  • TODO: ... and make sure that you class a cars as specified on the classification criteria.
  • A players hire A players.
  • She had a lovely peaches and cream complexion.
  • The Italian language dies a little every time an anglophone orders "a panini".
  • When a woman cries, she is being hysterical.
  • The life of an ant starts from an egg.
  • In physics, acceleration is the rate at which the velocity of a body changes with time.
  • Two argue, and a third benefits.
  • When a psychic claims to have contacted the dead, don't believe it.
  • A king rules.
  • 2013 – A building collapses near Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing 1,129 people and injuring 2,500 others
  • A blonde walks into a pharmacy and asks the assistant for some rectum deodorant.
  • A permanent costs extra.
  • A piano burns longer.
  • A road starts from Abadeh Ring Road to Soqad and Semirom, Road 55.
  • In comparison, a home averages about 600 therms.
  • In coupling reactions a metal catalyses a coupling between two formal radical fragments.
  • When a plane refuels, it usually needs to be on the ground.
  • Where a woman rules, bad is the end.
  • I even got a dozen cookies each from Cookies by George yesterday.
  • Many folks use Echos as intercoms so it might not be an apples to apples comparison.
  • All three studies concluded that people have a gamblers' fallacy retrospectively as well as to future events.
  • Just wanted give you guys a heads up.
  • Other industries included an ironworks, established in the 1720s, as well as wool spinning and a lint mill.
  • Cholera became one of the most widespread and deadly diseases of the 19th century, killing an estimated tens of millions of people.
  • I'm a sports fanatic.
  • Two A regions.
  • S & A Supplements
  • It's time to give her a Snickers.
  • Create a new settings section "Languages" where the user can configure his mother tongue.
  • We have an insights dashboard.
  • Attached is the latest and greatest breakdown of facilities and Level A costs related to Sun Devil.
  • I once had someone break into a convertible years ago.
  • I don’t really know how a traditional rails app works.
  • A little ways down.
  • I have an associates in accounting.
  • You will see what an American looks like.
  • Not only is a new Ruby available, but a new Rails is out too!
  • How do I create a virtual motions sensor that works.
  • Whitley Hall, an all girls high school.
  • However my keyboard with 2 little triple A batteries will run for almost a year with no swap out.
  • While Iran has outlawed homosexuality, Iranian Shi'a thinkers such as Ayatollah Khomeini have allowed for transgender people to change their sex so that they can enter heterosexual relationships.
  • We anticipate that Sat will be a lawyers only meeting to discuss the corporate structure and the bankruptcy issues related to the different business units.
  • A studs up tackle is made when a player lunges into a tackle with a leg.
  • Also a big thanks to the lovely community on the forums and my family members.
  • A buyers' market is a market in which goods are plentiful, buyers have a wide range of choices, and prices are low.
  • Many a cappella groups can be found in high schools and colleges.
  • The Group A offenses are 46 specific crimes grouped in 22 offense categories.
  • User A shares the appropriate folders with users B and C.
  • Now you can earn AAdvantage bonus miles when you book an American Airlines Vacations ski package.
  • The round was led by Desai Capital Management and included investments from Series A investors Prospect Street Ventures, Draper Richards, eCom Partners, and Pennell Venture Partners.
  • It is a criteria list that we prepared last night.
  • He was employed for a time by a Mrs. Reed.
  • There was a children's party at the Joneses yesterday.
  • A men's retailer opened in Florida.
  • Shi'a Muslims are nice.
  • He explains that this photo was apparently taken by a tourist moments before the terrorist airline crash into the World Trade Center.
  • Geringer would also like to come to Houston to learn about our vision in moving from an assets based to a market based entity.
  • The A forwards to
  • Our little group did a runthrough of this game.
  • The delay in and delay between both used a seconds to milliseconds conversion that was not moved over to the new scheduler.
  • The league created two A divisions.
  • Division A teams are the best.
  • Dock A floats.
  • A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study.
  • Two of the sunroof drains run down the A pillars.
  • * It’s totally possible to have a great score near or a little above the 9k.
  • A half-dozen tools make up the tool collection.
  • He registered a user
  • On that occasion I bought souvenir dog tags from the onboard gift shop, stamped with a motto of my choosing (“Rise and reverberate”, an old Sisters of Mercy slogan).
  • He moved to Juventus where he won trophies including two Serie A titles.
  • Atlas District, an arts and entertainment district in the Near Northeast
  • "The murderer," wrote Schopenhauer, "who is condemned to death according to the law must, it is true, be now used as a mere means, and with complete right."
  • As a consequence, a LAPS is very similar in structure to an EIS sensor.
  • The batsman averaged almost 40 with the highlight being an innings of 125.
  • She attended Sydenham School and left just before taking A Levels to go to Drama School.
  • I'm using a Mac and I can't read a Windows 95 file.
  • … the heads of a ram and a buck are budding forth.
  • ... Group N Production cars and more modified Group A cars.
  • Person A makes a lot of money.
  • ǂHoan and Juǀʼhõasi are Kx'a languages, from the two branches of that family.
  • If a and b are coprime and a divides the product bc, then a divides c.
  • ... which includes a regional headquarters, an operations center campus and a $400 million data center.
  • A tries to overtake B.
  • A million thank you.
  • Only half a dozen asteroids are larger than 87 Sylvia.
  • It's a ten minutes walk to the bus stop.
  • The only exception to this is that if a defendant appeals a conviction for a crime.
  • Three weeks later his last first-class innings brought him 62 for Victoria at Sydney.
  • Arrangements of popular music for small a cappella ensembles typically include one voice singing the lead melody...
  • ... and these were Grade A major milestones for me.
  • Can I wear a Hoodie backwards?
  • Production of the old Model A cases stopped.
  • He received A on his in class.
  • We have a good chance things will not become worse.
  • I expressed a warm thanks.
  • He made a bad graffiti with his hands.
  • I'm going to sign up for a German class right now.
  • Generally speaking, any talents that happen after an enemy dies are too slow to matter.
  • A martial arts strike.
  • You would need a simple mains relay such as ...
  • He is curving a little downwards.
  • I almost want to shell out the $150 for a night indoors.
  • The UDC should be a wires only company.
  • I have a feeling dogs are so stupid because they trust us humans.
  • Giving a patient antibiotics will make him feel better.
  • ... would later watch a modest fireworks display there.
  • Tom has just released a warts and all autobiography of his life with Mary.
  • The American Military authorities established a displaced persons (DP) camp in what used to be a sanatorium...
  • A lighter strikes.
  • a separate Women's Cricket World Cup had been held
  • an unprecedented consumers' boycott
  • a title emperors bore as heads of the pagan priesthood
  • A compromise can be reached on a patients' rights bill.
  • A round costs at least $100, but free for me.
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