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Rule "Agreement: 'a' + plural word"

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Description: Agreement: 'a' + plural word
Message: The plural noun "\4" cannot be used with the article "\1". Did you mean \1 \2 \3 \4 or \2 \3 \4?
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • The Syria resolution was an early major milestones for the United Nations.
    Correction suggestion: an early major milestone, early major milestones
  • I made a simple wooden desks.
    Correction suggestion: a simple wooden desk, simple wooden desks
  • In 1982–1983 Chile witnessed a severe economic crises with a surge in unemployment and a meltdown of the financial sector.
    Correction suggestion: a severe economic crise, a severe economic crisis, severe economic crises
  • After the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, a new presidential elections was held 2012.
    Correction suggestion: a new presidential election, new presidential elections
  • Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts.
    Correction suggestion: a Korean martial art, Korean martial arts
  • Since reporting a disappointing quarterly losses on Oct. 16, Enron has been negotiating with banks to establish new credit lines.
    Correction suggestion: a disappointing quarterly loss, disappointing quarterly losses
  • The additional funds will go towards developing a new online services for small businesses, and reinforcing the company's engineering infrastructure.
    Correction suggestion: a new online service, new online services
  • I am attaching my resume for your review and I would like to ask you for 15 minutes of your time to discuss about a potential career opportunities in your group.
    Correction suggestion: a potential career opportunity, potential career opportunities
  • I have put a call out to Eric Evans, a Manager at CSC in Dublin, OH, to discuss the Project Ranger, where they went out a validated actual volumes.
    Correction suggestion: a validated actual volume, validated actual volumes
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • I have a very small box.
  • It is a very sophisticated rules engine developed by the community.
  • OFFICIALS SAY Air Force officials tracking the movements of a teen pilot minutes before he crashed a Cessna plane.
  • But if a low rank needs to play against a warlord VI then it`s just impossible to win.
  • An external service sounds like a good idea!
  • I wish you a good party guys and don't drink too much.
  • That’s not a luxury starting players enjoy.
  • Looking at an hourly scale of the testing time frame with an hourly average things become more obvious.
  • You may be able to use a NRQL alert condition to notify you if a particular service restarts X times in Y minutes.
  • If you’ve seen this and were thrown off by it, then there’s a chance other users have been as well!
  • Is there any way to set a threshold that an alert only fires if multiple locations signal the same problem?
  • It’s also handy to see how the cost of a given service increases as the month goes by.
  • A little less points are required.
  • Maybe a random dwarf gains 2 mana on brown gems.
  • A full team deals 5 dmg/turn!
  • The kingdom could not be levelled above 10 even if we added a hundred more troops anyway.
  • Perhaps every month have a reset on trophies so guilds can pull together to see how they do?
  • My original avatar was switched into a dwarf numerous times.
  • Considering that a new clutch costs nearly as much as the value of the car, ...
  • I mean who wants to lay naked face down on a table while a pretty blonde looks at your ass?
  • It’s not easy or possible for everyone to schedule their day around a game so events with live timers can be a major pain.
  • Being a little scared helps.
  • The same application running on a bare metal works without any issue.
  • Then again, I’m fortunate to live in a town sporting lots of local options.
  • A podcast through earbuds.
  • A good academic likes to be precise.
  • I just created a support ticket moments ago.
  • We had similar events in an old house years ago.
  • It's a good thing worms don't have any teeth, otherwise they could bite the moles.
  • ... so that in case of a power outage things still run.
  • Scale REALLY hard in levels 16-20 to the equivalent of a mythic in stats.
  • This is a huge step backwards.
  • Sour foods include citrus, specifically lemons, limes, and to a lesser degree oranges.
  • Both of them had flatter, fertile agricultural land sloping down to a port several miles away.
  • The five days’ time required to start a new business ranks 29th.
  • Expanding its push into entertainment with a bet on preschoolers.
  • His father, Thomas Gerry, was a merchant operating ships out of Marblehead.
  • But only if a forward pass crosses into the neutral zone.
  • “Convenience” makes it sound trivial, but at a certain point things become so inconvenient that they are just not functional.
  • An electric motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy.
  • However, if the region of air breakdown extends to another conductor at a different voltage it creates a conductive path between them, and a large current flows through the air, creating an electric arc.
  • In cases where a judge rather than a jury decided issues of fact, an appellate court will apply an "abuse of discretion" standard of review.
  • The stronger of two acids will have a higher Ka than the weaker acid; the ratio of hydrogen ions to acid will be higher for the stronger acid.
  • In which a young woman imagines that she is being ...
  • Andrew is a great sales operations lead.
  • In a perfect world spreaders don't exist.
  • In a perfect world technicians don this equipment.
  • In a perfect world technicians wear PPE.
  • I would think there would be an overall cost savings for new construction.
  • I have a feeling private minions won’t be able to be configured to use authenticated proxy connections.
  • My 3 in 4 happened about five minutes after I told my wife I hadn’t gotten an Arcane in days…
  • What if you could drag a back troop forward or a front troop backwards.
  • it’s not easily visible, it’s an extra thing players have to remember.
  • A European Community Shipowners' Associations report for 2011–2012 reveals that the Greek flag is the seventh-most-used internationally for shipping, while it ranks second in the EU.
  • Because of changing politics, NATO expanding and financial crises most European (NATO) countries are trying to cut defence budgets; as a direct result lots of obsolete and outdated NATINADS facilities are phased out earlier.
  • This portion of the clearance provides a backup if communications are lost, allowing the flight to continue and climb to 5000 feet.
  • A recent article re-examines Edmund's death and dismisses the later chronicle accounts as fiction.
  • Some inscriptions seem to indicate the use of Allah as a name of a polytheist deity centuries earlier, but we know nothing precise about this use.
  • Totality occurs in a narrow path across Earth's surface, with the partial solar eclipse visible over a surrounding region thousands of kilometres.
  • Took an extra couple days.
  • About a third are women.
  • Joe, a former Prudential Securities' computer and business services analyst, has also joined the firm as an assistant vice president and equity research associate.
  • However, Texas will be able to establish their running game against a soft Red Raiders' defensive front.
  • I just don't think he'll be able to beat a sound Yellow Jackets' secondary through the air.
  • Air Force officials tracking the movements of a teen pilot minutes before he crashed a Cessna plane into an office tower here Saturday did not perceive him as a threat.
  • There's a special Associated Students of the University of California membership card on it.
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