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Rule "Were they send (sent) via WhatsApp?"

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Description: Were they send (sent) via WhatsApp?
Message: Possible tense error detected. The past participle or gerund may be more appropriate in this context.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Weren't those houses build with the help of a construction company?
    Correction suggestion: built, building
  • Were you sleep late last night or were you up?
    Correction suggestion: slept, sleeping
  • Were you use the home app?
    Correction suggestion: used, using
  • Were you get any solution for this?
    Correction suggestion: got, gotten, getting
  • Were you figure out the problem?
    Correction suggestion: figured, figuring
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • What was the resolution please??
  • Was that a real add?
  • Was I right or wrong?
  • Were those lines present in the logs?
  • Was just curious if it is just me?
  • Were did I leave my spectacles?
  • Was @MKhanna's last comment able to help you troubleshoot further?
  • Was there also an agent log in that directory?
  • Were async database calls not part of this feature?
  • I didnt find the CSV though, were can I find it?
  • What have to happen when I press the calibrate button?
  • Was there an update or change I don't know about?
  • Even if that were true, why would it matter?
  • Is the best way to configure them to add them to Hue and have ST find them and then control them? that way they will run locally on the HUE and no custom DH is needed?
  • Ok got the camera on network, were does the stream info go in the code?
  • Was getting arcane's from delves all the time last week but now getting none at all?
  • You can't try to set up an appointment for help or have your stepdaughter find something?
  • I've just got a SmartThings Hub and was wondering why there is no integration with Tuya / smart life?
  • But was, as Tim is saying, that the causation of the sz or was it something else?
  • Were the rules clear?
  • Was Big E gonna say the Super Bowl was lame this year?
  • Were there any google meets today?
  • Was I correct or do you prefer the other way?
  • Was it raspberries or was it blackberries?
  • What was there did you take a picture of it?
  • ...and what was good, you know?
  • ...and why were they mistakes?
  • Was it love at first sight?
  • Who were there you ask?
  • Was vinnies kiss better?
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