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Rule "a fleet of ships have (has)"

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Description: a fleet of ships have (has)
Message: Possible agreement error
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • A fleet of ships have been spotted.
    Correction suggestion: has
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • A fleet of ships has been spotted.
  • A couple of developers have let me know they are discussing your issue.
  • 3M has increased its dividend for over 60 consecutive years, a milestone that only a small handful of companies have reached.
  • Physicist Justin Crepp says the prospects for finding life out there are very good: “If tens of a percent of stars have planets that could resemble the earth and potentially have life, then the implications are that there are billions of them just within our Milky Way Galaxy.”
  • Take, for example, the United States where only 1.8 per cent of homes have broadband access, while 27 per cent have narrowband access.
  • But a host of creditors have asked the court to delay the sale indefinitely.
  • A raft of corporates have delayed implementing the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Statement 133, and are scrambling to meet the deadline, which for most companies is Jan. 1.
  • Steve Maviglio, press secretary to Gov. Gray Davis, said the governor "strongly supports any attempt to bring prices down for Californians and to break the grip a handful of generators have on the electricity market.
  • What sort of dreams have you been having?
  • What sort of dreams were you having?
  • Feminism and the role of women were also recurring themes throughout the show, with some critics seeing each of the major female characters portraying an aspect as a flawed feminist in her own way.
  • Historically, mathematicians who favored a "rich" and "large" universe of sets were against CH, while those favoring a "neat" and "controllable" universe favored CH.
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