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Rule "Missing comma before 'and, or, nor, yet, so, but' (incomplete)"

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Description: Missing comma before 'and, or, nor, yet, so, but' (incomplete)
By default, this rule is not active in LanguageTool
Message: If the conjunctions 'and', '(n)or, 'so', 'but', or 'yet' separate two independent clauses, a comma must precede them.
Category: Punctuation (ID: PUNCTUATION)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • She loves playing the piano and I hate it.
    Correction suggestion: piano, and
  • My name is Timothy but my friends call me Tim.
    Correction suggestion: Timothy, but
  • I am really nice yet many people do not like me.
    Correction suggestion: nice, yet
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Me and my friends went to Italy last year, but my fiancee and her friends decided to go to France.
  • He had met his uncle and his aunt, before he flew to Germany.
  • They often argue whether it was his or her idea.
  • Following their unsuccessful participation in the League of Peace and Freedom, Russian revolutionary Mikhail Bakunin and his collectivist anarchist associates joined the First International.
  • After they had finished their homework, Peter and his friends played soccer.
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