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Rule "comma between independent clauses"

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Description: comma between independent clauses
Message: Use a comma before '\4' if it connects two independent clauses (unless they are closely connected and short).
Category: Punctuation (ID: PUNCTUATION)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • I'm sorry but Google Spreadsheets isn't supported yet.
    Correction suggestion: , but
  • The smart plug works although the repeater always show no recent activity.
    Correction suggestion: , although
  • Pardon me but your fly is undone.
    Correction suggestion: , but
  • As of a storm in spring 2009, the sign is no longer there although the supporting posts are still visible.
    Correction suggestion: , although
  • In 1999, Cygnus offered Cygwin 1.0 as a commercial product of interest in its own right although subsequent versions have not been released, instead relying on continued open source releases.
    Correction suggestion: , although
  • The second phase would have added 1,444 MW this year but its contractors stopped work this month as lenders were unwilling to support the venture.
    Correction suggestion: , but
  • Balaguer won in 1994 but most observers felt the election had been stolen.
    Correction suggestion: , but
  • Our goal is to make this life changing step easy and affordable so average folks like you can benefit from the advantages of being ordained.
    Correction suggestion: , so
  • Here is the original response but the letter pretty much supersedes this document.
    Correction suggestion: , but
  • I've tried to approve but no products will come into the queue.
    Correction suggestion: , but
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Owners of an Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot can now fully answer Ring doorbells.
  • Not only Jim but his parents are sick.
  • Most are herbs, climber herbs, woody lianas or shrubs but some genus are canopy evergreen lauroid trees.
  • It changed the rules, and it did so after the election was over.
  • It is not clear yet when the discussions will be completed and wham a final decision will be issued
  • I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face.
  • Townsend's methodologically adventurous but ultimately cautious essay is another valuable lesson in the danger of establishing the date of Acts–or any work–by arguing for the earliest possible time of origin.
  • Engine fuel is stored in tanks, usually in the wings but larger aircraft also have additional fuel tanks in the fuselage.
  • How could so many people go along with this?
  • So far two customers has dropped out but argues it is small compared to its client base of 150 odd companies.
  • We can now consider yet another interesting argument proposed by Socrates.
  • Every inline element that has a width but no text content should become a `\uFEFF` during parsing.
  • Functions that have only poles but no essential singularities are called meromorphic.
  • ... and that it hires so many people so fast that processes break down.
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