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Rule "[determiner] + [plural noun] verb agreement"

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Description: [determiner] + [plural noun] verb agreement
By default, this rule is not active in LanguageTool
Message: Possible verb agreement error. Did you mean \6?
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Luckily, those children gets better education.
    Correction suggestion: get
  • These curves looks similar to those basis curves.
    Correction suggestion: look
  • These districts has clusters of schools geographically located.
    Correction suggestion: have
  • Our tests works on real devices.
    Correction suggestion: work
  • The issues is that I work overseas and shipping is expensive.
    Correction suggestion: are
  • The bodies includes those of small children and their mothers with bulletholes in their skulls.
    Correction suggestion: include
  • Her conditions worsens and Death tries to lure her to eternal rest.
    Correction suggestion: worsen
  • The models reflects 10 years on the revenue forecast.
    Correction suggestion: reflect
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • The Times is a news publication.
  • How many minutes does it take usually?
  • Unfortunately the Alerts Conditions API endpoint does not accept empty or missing fields in the `PUT` request.
  • Japanese anime these days is becoming more and more like pornography.
  • Additionally, the DOE has changed some of its annual reporting requirements...
  • So far the DOE has promised $22 million to be spent over three years...
  • Taking too many selfies signifies a lack of sex.
  • I have the Pompano files given to me by Kathleen Carnahan, and the FPL agreements/studies, taken in the name of Endeavor Development Company, LLC, are not part of the file.
  • Now my brace is falling apart.
  • Here my friends is no enemy, this is Michael.
  • There my friends is no enemy, this is Michael.
  • Soon, the goldfish is left.
  • Since the bitcoin is in their digit portfolio.
  • Today the turtle is 25 years old.
  • However, the sole is extremely hard.
  • Hopefully the shot goes well.
  • When the Commissions proposes a new law, it sends it to the governor.
  • The glaze on the doughnuts is often seen as the most important part.
  • One of the employers has to tell the workers that they're going to be let go.
  • One of the questions is, if you had the time, would you do it?
  • Once the cactus has no leaves, photosynthesis slows down.
  • Later the debris is cleaned up and swept away.
  • One of the Residences appears part of the historical quarter.
  • The thing about these years has been a the creation of a new social order.
  • Fortunately the bacteria is algae.
  • Before her eyes is a swollen ankle and a broken toe.
  • How many calories is this?
  • The woods includes Millington Springs, which formerly supported beds of watercress.
  • The alerts channels resource provides information about an account's channels.
  • The savings equals $12,000.
  • The docs is updated for now.
  • The properties files still contained th old app key instead of the new.
  • Some times doesn't work.
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