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Rule "'each' or 'every' with plural nouns"

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Description: 'each' or 'every' with plural nouns
Message: Use a singular noun after the quantifier '\1', or change it to "all".
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Each children are happy.
    Correction suggestion: All children, Each of the children, Each child
  • For iOS, every things went well smile
    Correction suggestion: all things, each of the things, every thing
  • Each traditional farms originally had one owner, but most of them have been divided up and sold off over the years, and so there are more than 115 farms in use today.
    Correction suggestion: All traditional farms, Each of the traditional farms, Each traditional farm
  • Mitigation referred to in paragraphs 2 and 4 should include either payments actually received or the highest bid rejected in the event NB imposes a minimum bid that is not hit.
    Correction suggestion: all payments, each of the payments, either payment
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Each children's services are available...
  • Each children services are available...
  • Each series revolves around a group of magical girls.
  • Every box is nice.
  • Insights event pricing is still very dependent on each customers use case.
  • This would mean that the wrongly received Xathenos either gets taken away again from 30 players, or it massively diminishes the effort people put into actually crafting it.
  • It's quite frustrating, I've tried updating and reinstalling atom but nothing works, neither does restarting my computer.
  • A small portion of each class enter in the HST track
  • Please engineer a solution which either stops collecting resources when the buffer becomes full (de facto industry standard) or increase the buffer size
  • Their is a Matrix of products and books which needs to be filled in for each books profile.
  • Either numbers have significantly changed or we aren't talking apples to apples here.
  • This is used in two distinct senses: either equal values are considered identical, and are simply counted, or equal values are considered equivalent, and are stored as distinct items.
  • Alresford in elections every four years elects one representative to Hampshire County Council, this is currently
  • Plus every few days add some reasonably heavy back assistance work like lat pulldowns, dumbell rows for 4x6 etc.
  • Every ten seconds seems fair.
  • With Kern Water Bank, there is a $5000 admin fee each time credits are purchased.
  • There would be nothing left of Section 7 rights if every time employees exercised them in a way that was somehow offensive to someone.
  • Can you send me a list of the Deemed ISDAs that are still outstanding (either comments received or counterparty has not returned signed copy).
  • Mahrashtra and Dabhol serving each other notices is ``simply legal maneuvering,'' said Kirit Parikh, an economist on the prime minister's economic advisory council.
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