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Rule "without farther (further) word on the deal..."

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Description: without farther (further) word on the deal...
Message: Did you mean to write "further"? "Farther" is typically used for distances (physical or figurative), whereas "further" is an adjective that can mean "additional" or "supplementary".
Category: Commonly Confused Words (ID: CONFUSED_WORDS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • For farther details, email your professor.
    Correction suggestion: further
  • After three months without farther word on the deal, Enron has broken its silence by suing Microsoft.
    Correction suggestion: further
  • If that isn't successful, I plan to have it taken to an Infinity dealer for farther diagnoses.
    Correction suggestion: further
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • A member of the von Kleist family, Ewald was born in Vietzow (Wicewo) in Farther Pomerania.
  • Each time a competitor wins an event or shoots a score of 96 or higher, s/he may earn additional yardage (also known as "getting a punch"), and must thereafter shoot from farther away from the traphouse.
  • The Dene people arrived around the year 500 from farther north.
  • The canals caused price convergence between different regions because of their reduction in transportation costs, which allowed Americans to ship and buy goods from farther distances for much lower prices compared to before.
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