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Rule "comma before ending sentence with adverb"

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Description: comma before ending sentence with adverb
Message: Consider inserting a comma before '\2'.
Category: Punctuation (ID: PUNCTUATION)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • It could work maybe.
    Correction suggestion: , maybe
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Maybe?
  • But not comfortable to pull the trigger until I'm more certain than “maybe”
  • Not likely, prorated maybe.
  • Thursday definitely no...friday maybe.
  • The answer is maybe.
  • ...but everything shows up on the classic app as well so maybe .
  • Do you want to be my girlfriend? □ Yes. □ No. □ Maybe.
  • Honestly...
  • Fortunately...the day is over for me.
  • 2018 was reasonable and maybe .25 seconds between bulbs.
  • Tell me honestly.
  • so that's a maybe.
  • I ask hopefully.
  • No one here can answer that with complete certainly.
  • Oddly enough, no one apparently.
  • ...after his performance in Always Be My Maybe.
  • I'm guessing probably.
  • That sounds more than probably.
  • .. obviously.. it runs everytime.
  • Actually.. funny enough..
  • You get too close to actually.
  • Unfortunately.. they were not updated.
  • It will keep you down just as surely..
  • They will descend into civil war most surely.
  • The majority of gambling sites are run honestly.
  • Why certainly..
  • You didn't send this to SoCalGas, on purpose obviously.
  • Dad > would look at me > hopefully.
  • Noah looked up hopefully.
  • Probably."
  • You always say maybe.
  • He played a malicious mall Santa Claus in 2003's Bad Santa, a black comedy that performed well at the box office and established Thornton as a leading comic actor, and in the same year, portrayed a womanizing President of the United States in the British romantic comedy Love Actually.
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