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Rule "Collocation: do/go activity"

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Description: Collocation: do/go activity
Message: The usual collocation for an activity ending in "-ing" is "go", not "do" or "play".
Category: Collocations (ID: COLLOCATIONS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Do you do jogging?
    Correction suggestion: go jogging
  • He does jogging.
    Correction suggestion: goes jogging
  • Who does jogging?
    Correction suggestion: goes jogging
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • After the squad is done installing the gear.
  • Why does implementing or changing XYZ not satisfy the requirements?
  • ...and why did running quickly make me feel so good?
  • ...and how does jogging slowly stimulate the flow of blood?
  • What does holding on to grudges really get us?
  • Little Johnny what are you doing sitting here laughing?
  • What was she doing running for the bus in 6-inch heels?
  • Where is this play being performed?
  • They are doing amazing.
  • On a side note, did running come easily to you or are there things you can do to make it less miserable?
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