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Rule "Agreement error: Non-third person/past tense verb with 'he/she/it' or a pronoun"

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Description: Agreement error: Non-third person/past tense verb with 'he/she/it' or a pronoun
Message: The pronoun '\2' is usually used with a third-person or a past tense verb.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • He walk to the building every day.
    Correction suggestion: walks, walked
  • He going crazy.
    Correction suggestion: goes, went
  • I hope he go away.
    Correction suggestion: goes, went
  • She really thought he make it finally.
    Correction suggestion: makes, made
  • She say Larry and Beverly left today, so we can park in their driveway and be sneaky.
    Correction suggestion: says, said
  • Mary didn't do everything she say she did.
    Correction suggestion: says, said
  • He always walk to the building.
    Correction suggestion: walks, walked
  • He forward the mail.
    Correction suggestion: forwards, forwarded
  • He order him to do it.
    Correction suggestion: orders, ordered
  • He look big and fast and gets yardages running in the interior.
    Correction suggestion: looks, looked
  • He run quick.
    Correction suggestion: runs, ran
  • He really don't like it.
    Correction suggestion: does, did
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • He always walks to the building.
  • He always walked to the building.
  • He then summons them.
  • Here'd he go?
  • Has he run quickly?
  • Why's everyone staring at you?
  • Hasn't she come?
  • Need he run so fast?
  • She needn't bother with that.
  • Why's he being lazy?
  • ... and to everybody actually writing about this topic, I just want to say...
  • If you know of anyone please have them call me.
  • If you notice anybody please ask them to move to the safety area.
  • Somebody really realizing her problems would not judge her so harshly.
  • Please tell everyone about going to the park.
  • He walks to the building every day.
  • He cannot hear you.
  • Make someone investigate this incident.
  • Does he or she react to that?
  • Please everyone review as Michael would like to send an executable copy tomorrow morning to RM.
  • She came in through the back door lest she be seen.
  • His medics insist he rest for several more months.
  • I'm the one who suggested she sell her Kabyle dress.
  • He stole out of the house without anyone seeing him.
  • He walked to the building.
  • I find it hard to understand how anyone seeking a position in public life could demonstrate...
  • He was busy, he said, in having someone submit to a monkey-gland operation.
  • What's he going to do?
  • Nobody move!
  • I demanded that he stop phoning me.
  • Please tell someone about Harry.
  • -Is he going to tell the truth?
  • The bride came into the room, with everyone staring at her.
  • Only supply information that you are comfortable with anyone seeing.
  • Both you and he are eligible for up to five years in federal prison.
  • You as well as he are diligent.
  • This is a good book for anyone wishing to learn English.
  • Nobody having any question, he ended the lecture.
  • I don't want anyone touching my car.
  • Anybody touching my car will get a black eye!
  • Can you ask anyone regarding the new concept?
  • Somebody considering the new job must think about these:
  • His parents as well as he are very kind to me.
  • The girl noticed someone go out of the door.
  • The alarm sent everyone rushing out of the room.
  • Will everybody talking please just listen for a moment?
  • ... and not someone possessing legal responsibility for the process of its...
  • ... and anyone possessing information is asked to contact the police.
  • Where are Carl and Laura?
  • We will also need the bio of anyone planning on attending these meetings.
  • When are Carl, Joseph and Laura back?
  • Somebody help me please!
  • What'd she say?
  • I had heard phrases like that all the time in ads, but it was weird hearing someone say them in real life.
  • Somebody say something.
  • Everyone listen up!
  • Anyone else having to deal with that problem?
  • Anyone going to the concert?
  • If anyone needs help or has any doubt you can talk to me.
  • He then summons them.
  • I'm letting everyone know exactly what happened.
  • She wasn't letting anyone see the doctor.
  • How to help someone having a heart attack.
  • But letting everybody hear about your problems is rather indiscreet.
  • He stated, "[T]he Act of Congress which prohibited a citizen from holding and owning slaves".
  • I would say that is probably someone using dirty clothes.
  • I would say that was probably someone doing the dirty work.
  • ... but rather, the photograph showed somebody cleaning dirty clothes.
  • To everybody writing on this forum, thank you...
  • To everybody actually writing on this forum, thank you!
  • ... and because almost everybody writing on this rather unusual topic thinks that they have an answer...
  • ... we note that almost everybody writing on this topic divided Germany into two groups.
  • Virtually everybody writing on this topic divides Germany into two groups.
  • Please keep confidential and if I've missed anyone please forward along.
  • Someone please nominate yourself to format each paper in the same manner and have them all put together in one binder nice and pretty.
  • If I have missed anyone please pass the information on.
  • Someone please invent a mescal tequila and habanero cocktail called “Tire Fire”.
  • If this is not the case, someone please speak up.
  • Everyone please be present…
  • If this is not acceptable to anyone please reply with substitutes.
  • If you need to speak to someone immediately please contact Ramona Perkins at X58465.
  • Without anyone quite realizing it, FERC was sailing into uncharted waters.
  • Somebody really realizing her problems would not judge her so harshly.
  • Please tell someone about water baptism.
  • I want to tell everyone about water baptism.
  • I talked with someone about water baptism.
  • They did that in order to make someone feel bad.
  • He lets everyone believe that they are safe.
  • My jokes didn't make anyone laugh.
  • They make everybody feel good and everybody likes to be around them.
  • We will provide lunch for everyone so get to me the names of who is committed so I can plan.
  • As a man lives, so shall he die.
  • ...hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land.
  • ... her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish.
  • Why doesn't anybody answer?
  • She no longer scuba dives as she once did.
  • Anybody want a beer?
  • Jenny and he actually going at this time makes a lot of sense.
  • Somebody call an ambulance!
  • Everyone have a good summer.
  • Everyone review the language quickly and provide comments.
  • Anyone care to join?
  • Everyone just give me a left side pose.
  • Everyone just relax because its going to be a long one.
  • (Does) anyone know what to do?
  • Do anyone know what to do?
  • Everyone being different is ...
  • I believe someone in Structuring would be more likely to answer those questions for you.
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