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Rule "if we can't we ..."

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Description: if we can't we ...
Message: It appears that a comma is missing here.
Category: Punctuation (ID: PUNCTUATION)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • If I can't we'll record a short Zoom meeting.
    Correction suggestion: , we
  • If it does it usually isn't a problem.
    Correction suggestion: , it
  • If you have not it is my fault.
    Correction suggestion: , it
  • If it wasn't it is now!
    Correction suggestion: , it
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Also, not sure how that works if you have it open when you enter an area.
  • I think when I had it connected to the Hue Bridge before, the device didn't show up in SmartThings.
  • Once you have it built, all you need to do is in the Python scripts, make a http call to your hub with a command to open the garage door upon successful authentication.
  • When you install a device handler, you will need to assign it to the device if you already have it paired to ST.
  • Once you do that go to the master phone or another phone where you can add and remove users
  • If she's not there please resend for me.
  • If it's someone asking for information, reply, then delete it.
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