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Rule "its vs. it's"

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Description: its vs. it's
Message: Did you mean it's (short for 'it is') instead of 'its' (possessive pronoun)?
Category: Possible Typo (ID: TYPOS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Its so good.
    Correction suggestion: It's
  • Its nice.
    Correction suggestion: It's
  • Plus its awfully slow.
    Correction suggestion: it's
  • We need some cool refreshments when its on.
    Correction suggestion: it's
  • Or its too individual?
    Correction suggestion: it's
  • Yes, it's hard to remember if its not everyday.
    Correction suggestion: it's
  • Close the garage door once its docked.
    Correction suggestion: it's
  • Purely to save money - always smoked so dunno whether its beneficial.
    Correction suggestion: it's
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Please check its content.
  • Its new feature.
  • Japan claims the Northern Territories for its own.
  • Not mine but its own.
  • Any decrease in the Gibbs function of a system is the upper limit for any isothermal, isobaric work that can be captured in the surroundings, or it may simply be dissipated, appearing as T times a corresponding increase in the entropy of the system and/or its surrounding.
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ID: IT_IS [14]
Version: 6.0-SNAPSHOT (2022-09-30 20:33:02 +0000)