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Rule "confusion of 'it' and 'its'"

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Description: confusion of 'it' and 'its'
Message: It seems that the possessive pronoun its fits better in this context. Please verify.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • It crystal lattice is isotypic with the oxides of most trivalent rare-earth metals.
    Correction suggestion: Its
  • Then if you have some way to tap into the action of it running you could hook up a monoprice zwave open close sensor contact in line with that so it status would show opened/closed depending if it was running or not running.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • The tilt sensor simply switches and it orientation changes from vertical to horizontal.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • I don’t use it now but I can throw together a quick app to see if it response is any faster.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • After it java process ends.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • And it devs prefer a counter.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • I think Atom and it architecture is an example.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • When hitting the accelerator, it volume goes up, too.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • A Guide to Bethlehem and it Surroundings.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • If you are not redlining it and it RPM stays low, then you should be fine.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • It projection states that Ghana's goals of reaching high-income economy status and newly industrialized country status will be easily realized between 2020 and 2039.
    Correction suggestion: Its
  • It origins date back to 1952 when a group of dentists set up the ‘British Society of Dental Hypnosis’.
    Correction suggestion: Its
  • Investors should be made aware that companies featured might pay consideration to OTC Investment News and/or it shareholders.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • Is it implemented as a method with closure as it input?
    Correction suggestion: its
  • It alpha decays to the extremely long-lived (in practice, stable) bismuth-209.
    Correction suggestion: Its
  • The airport is served by the metro, the suburban rail, buses to Piraeus port, Athens' city centre and it suburbs, and also taxis.
    Correction suggestion: its
  • They were asking if it item was black.
    Correction suggestion: its
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • The legislation specifies that no contract may be entered into later than February 15, 2001 and it sunsets on that date.
  • Maybe they’ll have a fix for it by then.
  • The largest region of Alaska, much of it uninhabited wilderness.
  • Touristic informations web site.
  • I can’t set a specific alert for it by default.
  • The data is named in a way that makes the search for it impossible.
  • I think I’ll go back to the Samsung sensor but I don’t like the one and done concept for it if water gets too deep.
  • If it something else, change it to this one.
  • It auto plays.
  • So it prob killed itself.
  • Most of it no, but it does depend on the specific brand and model.
  • From what I’ve heard that the soulforge update was an ancient topic, and they told us they’ve been planning for it years ago.
  • It errors out when I try to open it on my Smartthings app.
  • It kind of sucks.
  • It uses a Z-UNO, a DS18B20 Sensor and that’s about it hardware wise.
  • If I'm not mistaken, I think I already paid you for it last week.
  • That respect will equate to more waves for you in the future because of your go for it attitude.
  • I really don’t have a need for it atm…
  • Tom will pay for it one day.
  • He is trying to get that moisture before it drys out.
  • I do realize it’s probably more technical than that but that’s what I got out of it haha!
  • Zookeeper Application Agent Monitoring - Not sure if it success.
  • It similar question with cpu.
  • Even when people are cheap, you pack enough in there and it ads up.
  • It time to consider having one EWS fundamentals site.
  • It makes an LED flash and I’ve messed with it ad nauseum, but still haven’t figured out if that means it is trying to pair as a zigbee device, or trying to connect over wifi/WPS, or what.
  • I had to unpair it and re-pair it and it work…
  • It uses a Z-UNO, a DS18B20 Sensor and that’s about it hardware wise.
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Version: 6.5-SNAPSHOT (2024-04-18 22:33:07 +0200)