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Rule "Agreement: Mass/singular noun + non-third-person verb"

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Description: Agreement: Mass/singular noun + non-third-person verb
By default, this rule is not active in LanguageTool
Message: Consider using third-person verb forms for singular and mass nouns.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Marketing are bad for you.
    Correction suggestion: is
  • Marketing mean a lot of trouble.
    Correction suggestion: means
  • Jim are good.
    Correction suggestion: is
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • I think it is bad for you.
  • Reporting sample size analysis is generally required in psychology.
  • Most have four limbs except for caecilians.
  • Greece can no longer pay off its debts.
  • Everyone please review responsibilities and let me know your comments.
  • This better be important.
  • Marketing better show some respect.
  • Tim Be careful of paying for insurance wraps.
  • Gone are the days ...
  • Reminder note the training room has changed to EB49C1...
  • ABC are the first three letters of the Latin alphabet and Latin-derived alphabets.
  • Family are the ones who protect you.
  • Helping create the best content
  • Helping ensure a uniform appearance
  • Force stop the app.
  • Power wash the house.
  • Nguyen stay away from him.
  • Resignation Notice period
  • Id be happy to stop.
  • Ima miss that car.
  • F&F are on their way.
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