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Rule "'much' + countable noun, e.g. 'much (many) children'"

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Description: 'much' + countable noun, e.g. 'much (many) children'
Message: Use many with countable plural nouns like '\2'.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • There are much children.
    Correction suggestion: many
  • How much cats love milk?
    Correction suggestion: many
  • It varies depending on how much computers you want to test.
    Correction suggestion: many
  • It's so rare, that there aren't even much videos of it.
    Correction suggestion: many
  • I'd top it off with a “top tier” gas to get as much detergents as possible
    Correction suggestion: many
  • As Mark said, your elbows might not like so much pull-ups
    Correction suggestion: many
  • I live in a small town, not much coaches around here.
    Correction suggestion: many
  • Sami has never taken this much drugs.
    Correction suggestion: many
  • Much thanks and a big high 5!
    Correction suggestion: Many
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • How much does it cost?
  • We kindly ask you to provide as much data as possible.
  • ...about people receiving an income according to how much others subjectively value their labor or what...
  • Drinking too much makes us dizzy.
  • See how much muffins usually cost.
  • Then he pretty much escapes that prison.
  • The supply of a good or service is how much producers are willing to make at a given price.
  • Everyone can understand how much humans love themselves.
  • Everyone can see how much cats love themselves.
  • Everyone can understand how much humans love beer.
  • ... depending on how much firms actually know about the law.
  • Consumers get good or bad deals from sellers depending on how much firms know about consumer preferences.
  • Consumers get good or bad deals from sellers depending on (a) how much they know about the offerings of different firms and, conversely, (b) how much firms know about consumer preferences.
  • How much does that change over time?
  • How much did marketing cost?
  • How much does a kilo of onions cost?
  • How much does that cost?
  • That pretty much leaves these two as possibilities
  • Thank you so much guys for all
  • He who has much wants even more.
  • However, critics said it is unclear how much things have improved without PG&E's participation in a statewide accord.
  • How much does Tom owe you?
  • Brilliant, Thank you so much guys!
  • How much does bear spray cost?
  • However, much remains to be done.
  • Not sure about how much media it got.
  • How much plumbers get paid is a matter of supply and demand.
  • He hasn't got much upstairs.
  • Tom refused to tell me how much his new motorcycle cost.
  • But… well… not much stops you from creating a REST-API endpoint that takes a shell command as input.
  • While much remains to be seen, Langevoort said Enron's action "seems to be a set of efforts that goes very much in the direction" of satisfying the SEC's guidelines.
  • The consensus among potential investors is that much needs to be done on the regulatory system, the financial framework, and on tariffs before IPPs become feasible.
  • A source close to the PUC said state regulators would be ready to take up the matter of the rate freeze whenever a deal was reached with the utilities on how much customers' bills would go up.
  • But no one here says that the United States has been asked to leave, and they say the president very much values the U.S. presence in the region.
  • Do you know how much strawberries cost right now?
  • It pretty well much puts you in poverty.
  • In my opinion, bringing lawyers in too early just results in a flurry of paper back and forth, but not much gets done.
  • There's still much experts don't know.
  • There's not much companies can do about that.
  • Years do not wait, no matter how much men may wait.
  • Not much changes when running the (gaming mouse) in wireless mode.
  • Not much surprises me anymore.
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