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Rule "'Needs fixed' type construction"

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Description: 'Needs fixed' type construction
Message: The double modal "\1 \2" is nonstandard (only accepted in certain dialects). Consider to be \2.
Category: Style (ID: STYLE)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • My car needs fixed.
    Correction suggestion: to be fixed
  • Tom says that his house needs painted.
    Correction suggestion: to be painted
  • If it needs updated, please let Kelly know.
    Correction suggestion: to be updated
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • A set of needs described as essential.
  • I want boiled eggs.
  • Additionally, due to the high average takeoff speed of, Concorde needed upgraded brakes.
  • It appears that the RBI requires authorized dealers in India.
  • This requires sophisticated transaction screening.
  • This law overrides state regulatory rulings and laws that have required wet signatures.
  • Wildlife needs connected corridors to get around, especially as climate change pushes them out of their old habitats.
  • Disposal in place of PCBs at concentrations higher than 100 ppm requires written EPA approval.
  • ...ensuring that even when needs changed, the construction of...
  • A simple spread sheet to get to the power price needed based on the value of the gas stream.
  • Testing requires trained staff, the right equipment, and the right materials...
  • It needs synchronized stereo pairs.
  • The required output.
  • It requires experienced and professional workers.
  • We wanted pixelated glory.
  • It requires thought.
  • Man-made tin bronze technology requires set production techniques.
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