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Rule "Tom like (likes|liked) the sun"

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Description: Tom like (likes|liked) the sun
Message: Possible agreement error. Did you mean to use another form of '\6'? If you're using the imperative voice, a comma should be inserted between the subject and the verb.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Tim make his life worse.
    Correction suggestion: makes, made, , make
  • Tim like the sun.
    Correction suggestion: likes, liked, , like
  • Mary give her all.
    Correction suggestion: gives, gave, , give
  • Michael like the idea.
    Correction suggestion: likes, liked, , like
  • Sam want his old life back.
    Correction suggestion: wants, wanted, , want
  • Captain Drayton go ahead!
    Correction suggestion: goes, went, , go
  • Dave give me a call.
    Correction suggestion: gives, gave, , give
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Just try to look busy.
  • Louise Please say not soon too.
  • IE make sure all tags are closed.
  • Dave Give me a call on the weekend if you get a chance.
  • Ima go ahead and order some .06s and see if those are better.
  • Robert Allwein look a them and give me a call.
  • São Vicente do Paul
  • Kim why don't you come in early
  • Rammstein have vehemently denied this and said they want nothing to do with politics or supremacy of any kind.
  • TD have proposed using the 98 ISDA which I believe is already in place with ENA and TD Texas.
  • Buxton have been regular competitors in the Conference League.
  • Tanya Rohauer Just do it without any credit terms for now.
  • Plymouth Argyle have also been considered rivals despite a distance of over 100 miles.
  • William live like this everyday...
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