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Rule "Use the base form or the past tense with a plural noun"

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Description: Use the base form or the past tense with a plural noun
Message: With the plural noun '\1', the verb inflection '\4' is not correct.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • The test results after Christmas shows great improvement.
    Correction suggestion: show, showed
  • Unfortunately, the results since Christmas has not been good.
    Correction suggestion: have, had
  • Natural gas imports from Canada has steadily declined.
    Correction suggestion: have, had
  • All activities in Echo gets recognized as scenes.
    Correction suggestion: get, got
  • About 40–45% of educated people in Jamaica knows some form of Spanish.
    Correction suggestion: know, knew
  • The examples of Mike consists of many unusual sentences.
    Correction suggestion: consist, consisted
  • By contrast, the relationships between these families within Austro-Asiatic is debated.
    Correction suggestion: are, was, were
  • Societal changes in China exemplifies this well.
    Correction suggestion: exemplify, exemplified
  • The later responses from Hyundai seems clear in its acceptance of repudiation.
    Correction suggestion: seem, seemed
  • During a trial period the County Council provisions for Gotland has been evolved to provisions for a Regional Council.
    Correction suggestion: have, had
  • The tests in LanguageTool does not always give the correct result.
    Correction suggestion: do, did
  • Many people in America likes hamburgers and beer.
    Correction suggestion: like, liked
  • The potential arbitration proceedings with Shanghai needs to be added to the list as a retained litigation.
    Correction suggestion: need, needed
  • Some aircraft in America is made by Boeing.
    Correction suggestion: are, was, were
  • All errors by ENA has been corrected.
    Correction suggestion: have, had
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • The test results after Christmas showed great improvement.
  • Natural gas imports from Canada have steadily declined.
  • Ports of GNU utilities for Microsoft Windows
  • Types of tackles in Australian rules
  • BS 57 Report on heads for Small Screws
  • Oil price spikes as Iraq stops exporting in protest at UN sanctions.
  • Tom has more friends than Mary does.
  • It collects data via API calls to Insights.
  • Kew Gardens in London has one of the biggest non-commercial compost heaps in Europe.
  • New Relic now supports creating dashboards via API calls: https://docs...
  • 1910 – The Boy Scouts of America is incorporated by William D. Boyce.
  • The controversial removal of price caps in California is allowing prices to rise.
  • If this holds true, sounds like Burton plans to make things pretty messy.
  • Any workarounds while Steve works on a fix?
  • The coat of arms of Cuba features a fasces
  • A bunch of filings on Thursday is next.
  • Make sure the box that reads Cache Jars in Memory is NOT checked.
  • My Years of Pain is what gave me a unique insight into other people.
  • 1890 – The United Mine Workers of America is founded in Columbus, Ohio
  • The relationship between the utility and AG Signs of Stockton spans two decades.
  • Cheshvan has 29 days while Kislev has 30 days.
  • The military of Algeria consists of the People's National Army (ANP), the...
  • In The Knights for instance, Cleon's corrupt service to the people of Athens is originally depicted as a household relationship in which the slave dupes his master.
  • Data from 2010 suggests that one in 10 children in Afghanistan dies before they are five years old.
  • Two thirds of Azerbaijan is rich in oil and natural gas.
  • Kate has three times as many records as Jane has.
  • Tom hasn't been to Australia as many times as Mary has.
  • I don't have as many pairs of socks as Tom does.
  • For example, towers of Hanoi is a well understood in recursive implementation.
  • The virtual assignment of British Energy's contracts to Enron gives the UK coal team total...
  • And joining us now from his company headquarters in Houston is Kenneth Lay.
  • Joining us now with her fans from Houston is Layla Kent.
  • Visiting them now with their friends in Paris gives me great pleasure.
  • Each of the major scripts of India has its own numeral glyphs.
  • Contact and migration with Han people from China has brought Confucianism, Daoism...
  • A Hewlett Packard office for French-speaking countries in Africa is in Algiers.
  • One trend among imitators of Poe has been...
  • Whether the Russian Government shares any of the station's radar data with Azerbaijan is unknown.
  • The first of a series of bombings in Moscow kills one person and wounds 40 others
  • Which very violent series of terribly long bombings in Moscow shows that the...?
  • ...decides to quit and join Galt's strike moments before Dagny arrives to try to persuade him otherwise.
  • It's been three weeks since Tom has been here.
  • Also, Enron will deliver forms as Barclays wishes.
  • Oil prices spikes as Iraq stops exporting in protest at UN sanctions.
  • Terraxis wipes blues after Luther is gone.
  • Their ability to provide services for India needs to be sorted out quickly.
  • The only way to execute JavaScript actions in Chrome is via AppleScript.
  • The franchising of foreign goods and services to India is in its infancy.
  • The oldest of the non-Christian communities in Wales is Judaism.
  • The earliest record of Hazara in the areas of Pakistan is found in Broadfoot's Sappers company from 1835 in Quetta.
  • Tana's primary role is "special projects" but she is helping Susan and Samantha with daily matters until Stephanie begins work and has some experience.
  • Tom is counting the days until Mary arrives.
  • The ratepayers will be reminded for 10 years after Davis is gone about his expensive brilliance.
  • Skis up to 280 cm have been produced in Finland, and the longest recorded ski in Norway is 373 cm.
  • You know that anyone wearing pants in November is just visiting from Ohio.
  • Another perk that draws many expats to Ecuador is its low cost of living.
  • Q7: What versions of Jira does JPT support?
  • The death of thousands of people in Gaza is inevitable.
  • Ethics in English refers to several things.
  • The word ethics in English refers to several things.
  • Today women's athletics at UT has its own corporate structure and hierarchy.
  • The variety of climates, soils, and drainage conditions in Brazil is reflected in the range of its vegetation types.
  • Recent analysis of the competitive effects of school vouchers in Florida suggests that more competition improves performance in the regular public schools.
  • Translating sentences on Tatoeba is more fun than doing homework.
  • The revised invoices for Duke contracts 27291 and 27349 appear to be correct.
  • Anything the corporate media spins against Bernie is simply their usual attack, smear, or LIES against “America’s Dad”!
  • The 2010 maternal mortality rate per 100,000 births for Guinea is 680.
  • Such an assumption pertinent to the ownership claims and assets of DPC is implicit in his provocative statement.
  • ...41% in 3 weeks with Microsoft calls...
  • One of the most striking, although inconclusive, features of Chronicles is that its closing sentence is repeated as the opening of Ezra–Nehemiah.
  • Ten years in Washington is longer than any other man has had it—too long!
  • Because with this macro, then text data from Excel is still 12 MB but...
  • The number of flying insects collected in traps in nature reserves in Germany has declined by 75% over the last 25 years.
  • Today, all that remains of Ctesiphon is the shrine town of Salman Pak.
  • In translations of Disney works the nephews have different local-sounding names.
  • Since the adoption of a new constitution, early in 2010, the politics of Angola takes place in a framework of a presidential republic.
  • The absence of any older Iranian (Avestan) loanwords in Brahui supports this hypothesis.
  • Membership in the various branches, groups and subgroups of Indo-European is also genealogical.
  • Membership in the various branches, groups, and subgroups of Indo-European is also genealogical.
  • Yet, a close partnership between Tom James and the renowned mills of Huddersfield permits us to control costs and make CEO Super 180's readily available to you.
  • The average maturity of loans made by domestic financial institutions to businesses in Germany is 4.28 years.
  • The sloth bear of Asia is the most nocturnal of the bears.
  • They are responsible for making the payments on these contracts since ENA has defaulted.
  • For both tracks below Enron needs to create our team that will own and drive this work and this will take a little time as indicated in the meeting.
  • During March, Limassol has average temperatures of during the day and at night, in other coastal locations in Cyprus is generally during the day and at night.
  • The pkg_add utility that ships with FreeBSD creates insecure temporary files when installing new applications.
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