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Rule "She brought some things that isn't (aren't) on the list"

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Description: She brought some things that isn't (aren't) on the list
Message: Possible subject-verb agreement error.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • He has tools that works for this model.
    Correction suggestion: work
  • He has the tools that works for this model.
    Correction suggestion: work
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Thanks that helps.
  • Sometimes something that needs lubrication makes a noise at slow speeds that goes away as speed picks up.
  • All's fish that comes to the net.
  • Yikes that sounds very powerful!!!
  • Technically, it is windows that spaces contain not applications.
  • Keyboard Maestro will only offer contacts that Messages says it will accept.
  • One of the characteristics of frequency analysis of letters is that while the distributions of individual letters may vary widely from the norm, the law of averages dictates that groups of letters vary less.
  • Are you sure there is data that meets the query criteria?
  • There is a green check box that says able to merge.
  • Sounds that is exactly what's going on.
  • google says that's aka min-101, I think I read about that on this site before.
  • Trivia that doesn't even belong in the The Smashing Pumpkins article.
  • It is a colonial nesting species that builds a shallow nest using marsh vegetation and often competes with gulls for nesting sites.
  • There is something digitally different with the battery equipped models that isn't playing nice with others…
  • Then I will know if it is data size or file numbers that is the problem.
  • Ironically, this is the only one of his named features that has retained his original designation.
  • Today there are signs that's no longer true.
  • Tough and very weird times that's for sure.
  • In today's environment of low interest rates that is extremely attractive.
  • The chances that happens are minimal.
  • Display system in flight simulators that uses collimated light
  • The privileges that husbands enjoy are terrible for the lover who truly loves him.
  • Mark also stated that by contract that if ENA can not meet their obligations that gives NNG that right to purchase power directly from Midland Power.
  • Checking your connections that's good -
  • These days that is becoming a rare find.
  • The Arts Laboratory is a place that exhibits interdisciplinary arts that depends on the Arts and Humanities Division of CUAAD.
  • What is it about freedom and open minds that makes me smile?
  • PS… It's definitely whatever is programmed to edit the posts that breaks the images
  • The loan relates to one of Enron's consolidated limited partnerships that owns minority interests in power and energy projects around the world.
  • His radio show often promotes climate change denial, including claims that increases in carbon dioxide are natural and that there is significant scientific disagreement on the IPCC's findings.
  • Some times that is the best we can do.
  • Is it possible to develop an app/theme that can hide elements like “Space Settings” from the side bar and the … button on pages that leads to “Page Information” from anonymous users.
  • Is there a best practice for status codes on blocked requests that aligns with New Relic's apdex scoring?
  • I know an application called Workspaces that does a similar task
  • No auction/deal information should be given phone participants that is not available to electronic participants.
  • Yeah I'm not talking about going off meds that's not why I posted.
  • A lot of times people don't believe people in isolation, but when you hear repeated stories that's when you begin to think these are systemic problems that we need to deal with.
  • This is a conspiracy theory, part of a longstanding conspiracist tradition about secretive groups manipulating international events that stretches back to the 18th century.
  • The basic underlying physics that makes phenomena such as rogue waves possible is that different waves can travel at different speeds, and so they can "pile up" in certain circumstances – known as "constructive interference"
  • The criteria that determines one manic episode is vague and depends on the the story of the patient as reinterpreted by the psychiatrist.
  • My gods that's some awful writing in general, not just terrible sex.
  • Later, her colleague Annie Jump Cannon reordered the classification system based upon the surface temperature of stars, resulting in the Harvard system for classifying stars that is still in use today.
  • That workers supported him then, as some still do today, has much less to say about Trump's magic, than the complete ignorance and inability to muster up critical thinking skills that infects these supporters even today.
  • The term array is often used to mean array data type, a kind of data type provided by most high-level programming languages that consists of a collection of values or variables that can be selected by one or more indices computed at run-time.
  • It is the prohibition against deacons pronouncing blessings that leads some to believe that deacons cannot solemnise matrimony.
  • Pristine rainforests that's worth protecting.
  • We told the students that snacks packed with sugar are bad for them.
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