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Rule "Non-standard character in a word"

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Description: Non-standard character in a word
Message: The character '\1' in '\1' is not an English character, although it can look like an English character. This character can cause spelling and disambiguation errors. Try typing the word again.
Category: Typography (ID: TYPOGRAPHY)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Please оpen the door. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o', Unicode U+043E.)
  • Can you ѕee it? (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'dze', Unicode U+0455.)
  • Did you еat the last biscuit? (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'ie', Unicode, U+0435.)
  • This is a рea. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'er', Unicode U+0440.)
  • , thank you. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o'.)
  • Thiѕ is not correct. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'dze')
  • Tell more! (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'ie'.)
  • Do you like the souр? (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'er')
  • The sun is hоt. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o'.)
  • Do nοt open the window. (Contains Greek small letter omicron, Unicode U+03BF.)
  • There is nο problem. (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • The cat is οn the mat. (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • Nοrmal operation. (Unicode U+03BF.)
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Please open the door.
  • Cyrillic small letter о.
  • ...of China use astronaut while texts in Russian use космонавт (kosmonavt).
  • Russian: Чужой simple:Alien
  • The word 'Hоuѕе' contains 3 non-standard characters.
  • ... ru: ....
  • Contains Cyrillic small letter 'dze'.
  • ... baby's first word "googoogoo".
  • This is ο-u-t of scope. (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • Cognate words are the Greek (ankylοs), meaning... (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • ... the Greek (ankylοs, which means... (Unicode U+03BF.)
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