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Rule "Non-standard character in a word"

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Description: Non-standard character in a word
Message: The character '\1' in '\1' is not an English character, although it can look like an English character. The character can cause a spelling error and disambiguation errors. Type the word again.
Category: Typography (ID: TYPOGRAPHY)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Please оpen the door. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o', Unicode U+043E.)
  • Can you ѕee it? (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'dze', Unicode U+0455.)
  • Did you еat the last biscuit? (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'ie', Unicode, U+0435.)
  • This is a рea. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'er', Unicode U+0440.)
  • , thank you. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o'.)
  • Thiѕ is not correct. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'dze')
  • Tell more! (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'ie'.)
  • Do you like the souр? (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'er')
  • The sun is hоt. (Contains Cyrillic small letter 'o'.)
  • Do nοt open the window. (Contains Greek small letter omicron, Unicode U+03BF.)
  • There is nο problem. (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • The cat is οn the mat. (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • Nοrmal operation. (Unicode U+03BF.)
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Please open the door.
  • Cyrillic small letter о.
  • ...of China use astronaut while texts in Russian use космонавт (kosmonavt).
  • Russian: Чужой simple:Alien
  • The word 'Hоuѕе' contains 3 non-standard characters.
  • ... ru: ....
  • Contains Cyrillic small letter 'dze'.
  • ... baby's first word "googoogoo".
  • This is ο-u-t of scope. (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • Cognate words are the Greek (ankylοs), meaning... (Unicode U+03BF.)
  • ... the Greek (ankylοs, which means... (Unicode U+03BF.)
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