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Rule "The symptom's (symptoms) vary"

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Description: The symptom's (symptoms) vary
Message: An apostrophe 's' denotes possession. Did you mean to use the plural form of the noun (no apostrophe)?
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • The symptom's vary from adding superfluous words to hoarseness of the voice.
    Correction suggestion: symptoms
  • Sami's YouTube video's are getting pretty long.
    Correction suggestion: videos
  • The male's are distinctively patterned and both sexes show pale forewing panels.
    Correction suggestion: males
  • My parent's don't approve of our relationship.
    Correction suggestion: parents
  • Giraffe's are the largest herbivores in the world.
    Correction suggestion: Giraffes
  • The state park's include old-growth cedar and fir trees as well as of freshwater shoreline.
    Correction suggestion: parks
  • The attorney's are sending me names but the ones Barbara mentioned on the phone are the large ones; Aquila, Sempra, Duke, etc.
    Correction suggestion: attorneys
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Tom's hands are clean, but Mary's aren't.
  • Imprints of Roth's include (chronologically):
  • Your O's resemble your A's.
  • Many NW2's survive today.
  • I believe gty's are in already in place.
  • The kuo's are having their attorney look at the agreement.
  • The city's multi-story buildings built in the 1940's are in danger of collapse.
  • In a marketplace where co's continue to disappoint on earnings, VHLD is positioned to grow at a massive rate with tremendous earnings and assets.
  • Thus all the εk's are dominated by an infinitesimal ε.
  • The sum and difference of two x's are calculated by using bitwise operations:
  • If, however, T1's write is executed after T2's write, then we need a way to detect this and discard the write.
  • I'm not sure of who the team contact will be on this project, but if the team or contact has other commitments, this meeting is to resolve the location and the team's impute is welcome.
  • Who is it who said, "getting fired is nature's way
  • In CDMA cellular, the base station uses a fast closed-loop power control scheme to tightly control each mobile's transmit power.
  • The Man's Bewitch'd
  • Today's are attached below.
  • A total of five different Duan's are celebrated in the following locations (Wei 2003:xx).
  • The northern giraffe's are longer and larger than that of the southern giraffes', though male northern giraffes have a third cylindrical ossicone in the center of the head just above the eyes which are from 3 to 5 inches long.
  • The cherry hangs by a long stalk, the plum and peach's are shorter.
  • A VCR or other playback device will optimally power on when a cassette is inserted, power on the TV (or switch it to video mode) and then start playing immediately if the cassette's write protection tab is absent.
  • Other retrofits to the BART tube include vibratory consolidation of the tube's overfill to avoid potential liquefying of the overfill, which has now been completed.
  • A giraffe's hear is exceptionally strong.
  • "The difference between a Gorilla's skull and a man's are truly immense."
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