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Rule "Passive voice"

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Description: Passive voice
By default, this rule is not active in LanguageTool
Message: The text seems to be passive voice. To make the text clearer and easier to read, you can often use the active voice.
Category: Style (ID: STYLE)
Tags: [picky]
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • He is said to be happy.
  • They were not usually considered to be satisfactory.
  • ... forming the negative hydride ion, and is very occasionally considered to be a halogen on that basis.
  • Premature births and stillbirths are generally not considered to be miscarriages although...
  • The complexity of an algorithm is usually taken to be its worst-case complexity, unless specified ...
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • People say that he is happy.
  • Let's find out what time we're supposed to be there.
  • Rules are made to be broken.
  • There's got to be another way.
  • That's got to be a good sign.
  • But serious music was never meant to be soporific.
  • The aggressors are bound to be defeated.
  • She was pleased to be treated as a guest.
  • He is very confused to be in this situation.
  • He also is interested to be a Muslim.
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