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Rule "Passive voice"

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Description: Passive voice
By default, this rule is not active in LanguageTool
Message: The text seems to be passive voice. To make the text clearer and easier to read, you can often use the active voice.
Category: Style (ID: STYLE)
Tags: [picky]
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • By now, the work will have been completed by the engineers.
  • Her work will not have been finished by tonight.
  • Are you sure the carpets will not already have been cleaned?
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • By now, the engineers will have completed the work.
  • I think she will have been pleased by the admiration she received.
  • We will have been married for ten years on this day next week.
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Version: 6.5-SNAPSHOT (2024-04-15 22:33:06 +0200)