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Rule "Do not believe any ratings that is (are) less than 5 stars"

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Description: Do not believe any ratings that is (are) less than 5 stars
Message: Possible subject-verb agreement error detected.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • This includes tools for managing relationships with customers that goes beyond demographics and customer service data.
    Correction suggestion: go
  • As of 2010, MARTA has 554 diesel and compressed natural gas buses that covers over 110 bus routes
    Correction suggestion: cover
  • Like others we have processes that runs infrequently that we cannot monitor.
    Correction suggestion: run
  • You do realize Honda doesn't make the brake components that goes into their vehicles?
    Correction suggestion: go
  • The industry could pay to gather signatures on petitions that removes names of people who may have signed the petition for Rosenfields initiative.
    Correction suggestion: remove
  • Price Caps and "Windfall" taxes are political salves that feels good today and hurt tomorrow.
    Correction suggestion: feel
  • Whether this means a melding of the different private exchanges in the future, or several overlying technologies that provides access across many borders, is yet to be seen.
    Correction suggestion: provide
  • It has alerting features that allows registered users to track changes to a profile and a facility to calculate authors' h-index.
    Correction suggestion: allow
  • The Kingdom is made up of several towns that stretches to parts of Lagos State and borders Ondo State.
    Correction suggestion: stretch
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • A giant or monster in legends and fairy tales that eats human beings.
  • A sentence is a word or set of words which states, asks, commands or exclaims something.
  • Pelargonium is a genus of flowering plants which includes about 200 species of perennials, succulents, and shrubs, commonly known as geraniums, pelargoniums, or storksbills.
  • Citrus tristeza virus, a viral species that causes disease in citrus plants
  • The horse which carries Cornelius is beautiful.
  • Thanks that helps.
  • A device or apparatus that creates a current of air to create a cooling effect
  • Farming faster means more PvP battles which means I can level all of my other kingdoms faster.
  • Thanks for all the answers that clears a lot of things up.
  • Features cultural exhibits, curriculum packets and a searchable archive of over 12,000 items that includes historical photographs, audio recordings, videos, maps, diaries, reports and other documents.
  • Rowing is one of the few non-weight bearing sports that exercises all the major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles.
  • Today there are signs that's no longer true.
  • I just grabbed an old list from last year so apologies if I've included folks who ain't even in finance, or if I've left some folks off.
  • While we do have rollup naming for applications that creates a series application.
  • This impacts who holds what data, and who shares data with whom.
  • Mary claims that doesn't bother her.
  • An opera house is a theatre building used for opera performances that consists of a stage, an orchestra pit, audience seating, and backstage facilities for costumes and set building.
  • SHM goes off, alarm goes off, and a WebCore piston fires that turns all the lights inside (except bedroom) and outside on.
  • It's the punk upstairs who likes to throw his weight around.
  • The Marx Brothers films were a staple for Juster as a child and his father would quote lengthy passages from the movies; this inspired the unending series of straight-faced puns that fills the book.
  • I've got 20 bucks that says we'll catch the escaped prisoners before daybreak.
  • After 34 years who knows how the carbs been misadjusted.
  • The most effective way for a customer to secure IP rights and obligations is through a contract that clearly states who owns what.
  • PS… It's definitely whatever is programmed to edit the posts that breaks the images.
  • A table put together by Kyran Hanks that shows regulatory attributes by country for Europe.
  • I don't think Tom cares who comes to his party.
  • Mark also stated that by contract that if ENA can not meet their obligations that gives NNG that right to purchase power directly from Midland Power.
  • Kate Cameron, in her review for the New York Daily-News, said that Kane was "one of the most interesting and technically superior films that has ever come out of a Hollywood studio".
  • Representatives of the Wisconsin and Illinois Attorney General's office (or whatever agency it is in those states that deals with antitrust issues) will be on the phone as they are working with the Feds on the merger.
  • But it is the support we receive from our U.S. Soccer family and fans that inspires our players.
  • That, coupled with two turnovers hurt us, because in tight games that makes a difference.
  • The game itself has always been fiercely contested without the "crap" on the field or in the stands that marks far too many rivalries.
  • The customer has prepared a detailed document which is in the bug attachments that shows the step-by-step process used to demonstrate the issue.
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