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Rule "Possessive apostrophe error"

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Description: Possessive apostrophe error
Message: An apostrophe may be missing.
Category: Possible Typo (ID: TYPOS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • This is a transcript of the presidents speech from March.
    Correction suggestion: presidents', president's
  • This is a transcript of the Presidents speech from March.
    Correction suggestion: Presidents', President's
  • The darts trajectory is calculated thus:
    Correction suggestion: darts', dart's
  • My clients workspace has the premium account.
    Correction suggestion: clients', client's
  • Blank noise doing a clothes installation to say
    Correction suggestion: clothes'
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • This is a transcript of the president's speech.
  • Publishers today are at loss...
  • Owen was seven years younger.
  • His debts amount to $2,000.
  • Today, Israel is a major arms supplier to the country.
  • He does not appear to be a viable option for the Buccaneers while Warrick Dunn is out.
  • After dinner, we played cards till eleven.
  • Tom laid his cards down on the table with a smile.
  • Have you tried the Shortcuts app?
  • My random thoughts day after day...
  • That is, the unwillingness to pay for the things society needs.
  • You are responsible for all things frontend related.
  • With these voices anything seems to work.
  • Please give Allen Kurzer 6 guest ids while we work on the agreements.
  • The results of each race are evaluated using the points system to determine two annual World Championships.
  • The Romans may have marked the centre of Londinium.
  • Universities A and B are old universities...
  • Keynesian economists argue that Keynesian policies were one of the primary reasons capitalism was able to recover following the Great Depression.
  • He made his final report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on U.S. affairs abroad.
  • He gave the customers chips or checks or premium points.
  • Legalized Abortion on Crime, authored by the economists Steven D. Levitt and John Donohue.
  • Gershwin overlays the slow blues theme from section B in the final “Grandioso.”
  • The English darts player is likely to win this tournament.
  • The main communications equipment failed.
  • Tell us who you think is the biggest winner in the comments section below.
  • The social upheaval played out in the clothes people wore.
  • She makes two claims in her Times magazine piece.
  • The darts tip is made of tungsten.
  • The functions sine and cosine take values between -1 and 1.
  • That baby does nothing but cry.
  • The anti-nuclear weapons movement went into decline for some years.
  • The incident resulted in a human resources complaint.
  • This will make the malicious programs spam the persons who have an entry in the address book.
  • The arms shipment is not satisfactory.
  • With the ability to impose boundaries on spaces comes the question of how...
  • Ginsberg and Shig Murao, the City Lights manager who was jailed for selling "Howl," became...
  • The devices comes in a number of variations where they can be...
  • The samples tests were not satisfactory.
  • The standards committee decided against shifting, and so ASCII ...
  • Much of the material in these articles comes from the CIA World Factbook 2000 and the...
  • A Waterford Crystal representation of the Ashes urn has been presented to the winners of ...
  • and Australia was played in 1877, though the Ashes legend started later, after the ninth Test.
  • The upcoming Ashes series in 2013 will be held in England.
  • But not all the earnings news was cheery.
  • For these reasons marijuana cannot be legalized.
  • Every Avengers movie is great.
  • To flush the actions step by step from client to backend and back you need to perform following steps
  • He is a maths genius.
  • He is an operations manager.
  • The earnings release was scheduled for May.
  • ... voted against the ratification of New Start, a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russian Federation.
  • In the old days friendship had more meaning.
  • In the old days friendship really had more meaning.
  • The American Film Institute was founded in 1967 as a national arts organization to preserve the legacy of American film heritage, educate the next generation of filmmakers.
  • As of 2001, he was still a part-time martial arts instructor there.
  • Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company headquartered in San Jose, California.
  • The ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam.
  • The measles vaccine is almost 100% effective.
  • The clothes hanger is always in the way!
  • The antiquities collection is housed in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • These are the words thou shalt speak to the children of Israel.
  • Historically, in various spiritual traditions people like me have been called Buddhas and Jivanmuktas.
  • The transfer to British Telecommunications plc of the business of British Telecom, the statutory corporation, took place on 6 August 1984 and, on 20 November 1984, more than 50 per cent of British Telecom shares were sold to the public.
  • TODO: ... including a Reuters photographer Gleb Garanich
  • Their main derivatives guy is Rabon Rabinovich.
  • It is unrecognisable as the state engulfed by crisis five years ago," said Charles Robertson, emerging markets analyst at ING Barings.
  • As well as being one of the native resources coal also contributes to regional cohesion.".
  • These certifications employ a proctored computer-based written examination followed by an oral examination (if required) and a practical performance-based skills examination administered by a trained and certified SpaceTEC® Examiner (STE).
  • Bacardi Limited (English: ; ; ) is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world.
  • Inhalation or smoking is one of the several means cocaine is administered.
  • I will say special prayers tonite for her and for you..
  • Customers are supporting Intel's long-term systems foundry approach.
  • We also recently achieved the topping milestone on our second fab's auxiliary buildings, which will supply the necessary utilities infrastructure to the second fab clean room
  • The awards season continues unabated.
  • The fiber trunkline goes to several distribution hubs, from which multiple fibers fan out to carry the signal to boxes called optical nodes in local communities.
  • I bet she'd likely like to go to the 49ers game (though who knows, she's a BIG raiders fan now that jerry's there).
  • In 2011 Crandall University got a new Chargers mascot for the changes to the school in 2011.
  • Chaim's email address is and he can be reached at the main Altos number 650.949.3541.
  • The armed forces number 38,000-40,000 personnel in groun...
  • These include the cranial nerves number 2 (CN II), number 3 (CN III), nu...
  • The nouns number sixteen hundred.
  • Essentially, Ed was saying that he didn't want the pipelines to hold the generators hostage on rates for NURF if the pipelines were the only ones who could offer NURF.
  • If the indicators are revised upward, as most expect, that would grant some customers relief from the rate hike but could necessitate future ones to generate enough revenue for power purchases.
  • Military officials must sometimes grant the passengers clearance to come ashore.
  • Among the hotly debated topics that may appear in a compromise bill were wholesale price caps, the possibility of granting federal regulators authority to site new power generation and transmission, mandatory demand side mitigation, and the removal of retail price caps for ratepayers.
  • To combat the inequalities people of color face...
  • The different experiences people of diff...
  • The following is a graph depicting the effects ocean acidification has had on marine wildlife.
  • I come to the spares partlet's say ...
  • The following is a graph depicting the effects ocean acidification has had on marine wildlife.
  • It's meant to highlight the ways identity gets confused with...
  • ...since in both cases money taken with...
  • The letters page was answered by 'Beavis and Butt-Head' or one of their supporting characters.
  • McKenzie and Perlin received credit for the idea on the letters page at Stern's insistence.
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