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Rule "Possessive apostrophe error"

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Description: Possessive apostrophe error
Message: The plural noun "\2" doesn't fit after the quantifier "\1". A possessive apostrophe may be missing, or you meant the singular form.
Category: Possible Typo (ID: TYPOS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Almost every animals favorite planet is Earth.
    Correction suggestion: animal's, animal
  • I am not sure what my intentions are right now but we enjoy each others company.
    Correction suggestion: other's, other
  • Detailed Description of each parties responsibility
    Correction suggestion: party's, party
  • As each weapons delivery was made from Israel by air, the hostages held by Hezbollah would be released.
    Correction suggestion: weapon's, weapon
  • You share each others ideals, interests and adventures like no one else can.
    Correction suggestion: other's, other
  • There is a report that will be generated with each days trading that will identify who our Active customers are.
    Correction suggestion: day's, day
  • All advisory statements for 11/1999,12/1999, and 4/2001 have been posted to each customers web site.
    Correction suggestion: customer's, customer
  • Assistance was given to all field teams in Arizona in the preparation and submittal of the required annual complaince certifications required under each facilities Title V Operating Permit.
    Correction suggestion: facility's, facility
  • We have taken that out and added to each pipes Corporate Direct.
    Correction suggestion: pipe's, pipis's, pipe, pipis
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Is every Robbins algebra a Boolean algebra?
  • Formula One drivers pay a FIA Super Licence fee, which in 2013 was €10,000 plus €1,000 per point.
  • One ratings company, Moody's Investors Service, has lowered Enron's rating to one level above junk, putting the company at risk for being unable to conduct its wholesale energy trading business.
  • Jose is one others look up to as an example of a solid Enron employee.
  • He's the one conservatives feel comfortable in calling
  • Chaim's email address is and he can be reached at the main Altos number 650.949.3541.
  • The armed forces number 38,000-40,000 personnel in groun...
  • These include the cranial nerves number 2 (CN II), number 3 (CN III), nu...
  • The nouns number sixteen hundred.
  • Essentially, Ed was saying that he didn't want the pipelines to hold the generators hostage on rates for NURF if the pipelines were the only ones who could offer NURF.
  • If the indicators are revised upward, as most expect, that would grant some customers relief from the rate hike but could necessitate future ones to generate enough revenue for power purchases.
  • Military officials must sometimes grant the passengers clearance to come ashore.
  • Among the hotly debated topics that may appear in a compromise bill were wholesale price caps, the possibility of granting federal regulators authority to site new power generation and transmission, mandatory demand side mitigation, and the removal of retail price caps for ratepayers.
  • To combat the inequalities people of color face...
  • The different experiences people of diff...
  • The following is a graph depicting the effects ocean acidification has had on marine wildlife.
  • I come to the spares partlet's say ...
  • The following is a graph depicting the effects ocean acidification has had on marine wildlife.
  • It's meant to highlight the ways identity gets confused with...
  • ...since in both cases money taken with...
  • The letters page was answered by 'Beavis and Butt-Head' or one of their supporting characters.
  • McKenzie and Perlin received credit for the idea on the letters page at Stern's insistence.
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