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Rule "...if user(s) open the card by clicking on the error?"

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Description: ...if user(s) open the card by clicking on the error?
Message: Possible subject-verb agreement error detected: Did you mean to use the plural form here?
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • Should keyboard navigation be available if user open the card by clicking on the error?
    Correction suggestion: users
  • I would think if dev set different arena entrances with different rules, it would be easier.
    Correction suggestion: devs
  • If user want work by TOR, I ask them to set IP and port of TOR socks in “-e”.
    Correction suggestion: users
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • If factory reset each of the devices, but they never show up when trying to add them.
  • If GM put that TPS notice out there… It does make you wonder.
  • Before the if statement add the log.debug and see if primarySensor is initialized.
  • ... to woo her if yah get what I mea...
  • ...sked mother if client will attened s...
  • Could Manifest V4 cause errors if legacy manifest definitions are present?
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