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Rule "the later (latter)"

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Description: the later (latter)
Message: Did you mean latter (=the second of two items)?
Category: Commonly Confused Words (ID: CONFUSED_WORDS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • The former test was easy, but the later was difficult.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • The former is only used in relation to dates and temporal events, while the later is used to reference part of the sentence structure.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • ... and the later causes problems occasionally.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • ... and the later very often causes problems.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • ... because of the later actually causing more problems than we expected.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • I mention the later in passing, because it is not so important.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • I mention the later because of what we both saw under a tree some distance from us.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • Of course, the 1979 constitution subordinated the later to the former.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • The President appoints the Prime Minister and, on the later's advice, the rest of the government.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • The later is a bad idea.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • IE the later is simply a US branch.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • The former has more uses than the later and is sometimes easier to digest.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • Among the later were the AGM-83 Bulldog, AGM-79 Blue Eye and AGM-80 Viper.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • I believe it should be the later based on your `.vm` file
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • Details on the later of the agenda items above will be forthcoming.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • Making the consent effective the later or signing or financing.
    Correction suggestion: latter
  • The later, probably a hundred years later than Ovid, is here the superior of the two.
    Correction suggestion: latter
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • The former test was easy, but the latter was difficult.
  • There were 2 trains to Sheffield; although I could have caught the 10:00 train, I got the later train.
  • Francoist troops reached the Andorran border in the later stages of the war.
  • Separation of the rare-earth elements is a step in the later processing.
  • The later games in the series feature several males with effeminate characteristics.
  • The later phases saw the Penal Laws punish Roman Catholic and nonconforming Protestants.
  • With that team you usually should have no problem at the later levels.
  • The Land Ordinance of 1785 established both the general practices of land surveying in the west and northwest and the land ownership provisions used throughout the later westward expansion beyond the Mississippi River.
  • Its capability grew to 103,600 pounds (47,000 kg) for the later advanced lunar landings.
  • During the later and weaker years of the Carolingian Empire...
  • Early steel AK-47 magazines are 9.75 in (248 mm) long, and the later ribbed steel AKM and newer plastic 7.62×39mm magazines are about 1 in (25 mm) shorter.
  • The Russians could advance into either Germany or Austria—they chose the later option.
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