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Rule "Missing possessive: This weeks (week's) meeting"

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Description: Missing possessive: This weeks (week's) meeting
Message: It seems that a possessive apostrophe is missing.
Category: Possible Typo (ID: TYPOS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • This years Labor Day is a new reminder of a timeless truth.
    Correction suggestion: year's
  • This weeks platform update is a relatively small.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • To be fair - in last weeks webinar it was stated that these tools will be available from launch, so perhaps this is not a concern any more.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • If you don’t know if you can itemize, look at last years tax return.
    Correction suggestion: year's
  • Last weeks training went on as planned.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • With blizzard conditions across much of the nation this week, next weeks withdrawal is expected to be even larger.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • After last weeks volatility in the natural gas market, I think we all agreed it is imperative that the trading groups understand how the group looks at risk.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • Toby, Terry and I talked about this and I will address it again in next weeks team leader meeting.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • Please give Janet a call to arrange this weekends gas supply.
    Correction suggestion: weekend's
  • Hold shorts if you got 'em with stops above last weeks high.
    Correction suggestion: week's
  • So stoked about this mornings session!
    Correction suggestion: morning's
  • Looks like last nights migration also included changes to the IDE.
    Correction suggestion: night's
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • In his last years Manet painted many small-scale still lifes of fruits and vegetables, such as Bunch of Asparagus and The Lemon (both 1880).
  • Sami spent the next years rebuilding a life nearly destroyed by the accident.
  • Eugene spent much of his spare time there in his last years accommodating large hunting parties.
  • I suggested this years ago.
  • Been working on this months now and am exasperated.
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