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Rule "'to' + non-base form"

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Description: 'to' + non-base form
Message: The verb after "to" should be in the base form as part of the to-infinitive. A verb can take many forms, but the base form is always used in the to-infinitive.
Category: Grammar (ID: GRAMMAR)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • He convinced her to gave him a call.
    Correction suggestion: give
  • She is manipulating her father to got her way.
    Correction suggestion: get
  • He tried very hard to lifted the rock.
    Correction suggestion: lift
  • The employees were invited to gave both their manager and the committee more information.
    Correction suggestion: give
  • The event I am invited to attended is in Sheffield.
    Correction suggestion: attend
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • She teaches English to advanced students.
  • ...incorrect Bohr model is still often taught to beginning students.
  • She sometimes teaches to interesting students, but usually they are quite boring.
  • He sent an invite to networking events
  • Sami wanted to fucking kill Layla.
  • 13 Questions You Must Ask Prior To Choosing a Karate School
  • The event I was invited to was his.
  • The social functions she was invited to gave her much pleasure.
  • The event they invited him to was mine.
  • Transfer the allocations from order lines to packing slip lines in a well-defined order
  • Almost every process from ordering pens to paying staff
  • Belladonna leaves as well as other studied leaves contains two distinct phosphatase fractions belonging to types II and III.
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