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Rule "to/two (too) late/soon/much"

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Description: to/two (too) late/soon/much
Message: Did you mean too?
Category: Commonly Confused Words (ID: CONFUSED_WORDS)
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • You drive way to fast.
    Correction suggestion: too
  • I think this would be way to complicated to implement.
    Correction suggestion: too
  • Saw Pearl Harbor, watched a few DVD's, and ate way to much.
    Correction suggestion: too
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • Introduction Earnings season will start to slow down next week, giving way to economic data.
  • Fast way to test daily defense teams?
  • Cassette tapes seem to have given way to compact disks in popularity.
  • Camelot where everything is free is giving way to cold fiscal reality.
  • It was written in a rounded script, which later gave way to cursive Estrangela.
  • This leads way to several vulnerabilities among the federation network
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ID: TO_TOO [18]
Version: 6.0-SNAPSHOT (2022-11-28 21:33:02 +0000)