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Rule "A word contains an underscore"

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Description: A word contains an underscore
Message: An underscore (_) within a word is atypical (except in technical contexts, nicknames, etc.). Make sure that the word '\1\2\3' is correct.
Category: Possible Typo (ID: TYPOS)
Tags: [picky]
Incorrect sentences
that this rule can detect:
  • This test_case is not satisfactory.
    Correction suggestion: test case, test-case
  • This test is for_semi-colons.
    Correction suggestion: for semi-colons, for-semi-colons
Correct sentences
for comparison:
  • This test-case is satisfactory.
  • Write your name here: ______________________
  • Language Tests______________________ 37
  • Some More Language Tests _ Appendix B
  • Do only _this_ test.
  • Check out the attached file country_codes.csv before…
  • But these_ unlike other tests...
  • Refer to _TESTS' on page 33.
  • Status "payment_failed"
  • my_variable = x
  • Does it make sense to add `suppress_misspelled`?
  • Public_html is a directory on computers running Apache web servers that stores all HTML files.
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