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Beschreibung Beispiel Kategorie
Use of whitespace before comma and before/after parentheses We had coffee , cheese and crackers and grapes. Typography
Use of two consecutive dots or commas Punctuation
Checks that a sentence starts with an uppercase letter This house is old. it was built in 1950. Capitalization
Whitespace repetition (bad formatting) Typography
Readability: sentence over 40 words Style
Missing space between sentences Typography
Get corrections from an OpenNMT server (beta) Misc
Unpaired braces, brackets, quotation marks and similar symbols "I'm over here, she said. Punctuation
Word repetition (e.g. 'will will') This is is just an example sentence. Miscellaneous
Use of 'a' vs. 'an' The train arrived a hour ago. Miscellaneous
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